Made by Cave Lighting / Hollgrotten, Switzerland: HEAVEN AND HELL

The Höllgrotten near Baar in Switzerland were discovered exactly 150 years ago and have since then fascinated visitors with their unique subterranean world, especially since the installation of the new LED Lighting in 2012.

Therefore, in the spirit of the discoverers, the family foundation Höllgrotten this year presents its visitors with a number of cultural events taking place in the old wooden barn near the cave.

Under the theme „Fire red and sky blue“ the simple wooden barn is transformed in a unique evening event under the supervision of the technical direction of GermTec GmbH & Co KG / Cave Lighting Project in cooperation with the well-known Swiss lighting and sound designers Roland Eberle, Daniel Christen, Silvio Ketterer and Dominic Harwood.

To achieve this, 20 colour changing lamps paired with 3 high-performance LED spotlights together with unequalled multimedia equipment developed by GermTec specialists had to be integrated in and around the barn within just one week.

The established team of Höllgrotten designers and GermTec specialists use stunning light and sound installations to transform the barn into a blazing trip to Hades.
In eight minutes the barn encounters netherworld ghosts and other mythical creatures, then fights with a fire spewing dragon before drifting feather-light and angelic up into the night sky.

From 20th April until 5th October the light show begins automatically after sundown on Fridays and Saturdays until midnight (at the latest).

Does this surpass your imagination?
Then come, see, and marvel! or just watch the video: