Made by Cave Lighting: Postojna Cave, Slovenia, May 2012

In May we upgraded the system installed by us in 2010 in the Bela Dvorana (White Gallery). A description of the initial installation can be found under:

The reason for this modification was the desire on the part of the management to see a complete Cave Lighting™ system in operation in order to understand just what possibilities our lighting systems offer.

In May 2012 our Cave Lighting team installed a completely controllable lighting system. Control over the system is achieved either via DMX 512 with the usual panels or using Cave Lighting software interface. The system was programmed as “standard variant” and “VIP” according to the tour concept.

Although the test installation was somewhat hampered by current Slovenian nature conservation laws, the Cave Lighting team completed the task without any violation of these.

We wish to thank Mr Marjan Batagelj und Mrs Katja Dolenc Batagelj for their confidence and hope that the test installation proves to be a basis for further successful cooperation.

Further information can be found under:

Bela Dvorana (White Gallery) part of Postojna Cave, Postojna, Slovenia

position: 50°07'16.81"N / 5°11'32.68"E
length: 5,250 m (75m)
show cave since: 16th century
renovation: May 2012
equipped with: 53 lamps with approx. 300 watts in total