Made by Cave Lighting: Sophie’s Cave, Germany, April 2012

Sophienhöhle (Sophie’s Cave) near Burg Rabenstein, Upper Franconia, Bavaria, Germany.

position: 49°49'37.90"N / 11°22'31.52"E
length: 300 m
show cave since: 1490
renovated: April 2012
equipped with: 298 lamps with approx. 900 watts in total

The Sophienhöhle (Sophie’s Cave) is situated in Ahorntal in central Franconian Switzerland, 10 minutes walk from Burg Rabenstein (Rabenstein Castle). It is the oldest cave on record in the Franconian Jura. A report on an attempt to extract saltpetre near the entrance was made as early as 1490. In 1833 it became famous after the discovery of speloethems further in. The cave was named after the daughter-in-law of the castle’s proprietor at that time.

A largely dimensioned chamber (42 x 25 x 11 metres) belongs to the largest in Franconian caves. Apart from the fact that the Sophienhöhle is considered to be one of the most attractive caves in Germany, the almost complete skeleton of a cave bear reconstructed using bones found in the cave can be admired. The skeleton is unique and lends the Sophienhöhle Europe-wide significance.

Informative tours take place the whole year round and during the event “Sophie at night” the visitors may appreciate the cave on their own when it is illuminated with our LED technology and suffused with delightful music.

These music and lighting shows were specially developed and installed by us, programmed according to the requirements of the operator.

More information can be found under: www.sophienhoehle.com