Cave Lighting Equipment demonstration at the Dechenhöhle Cave (Germany)

In July 2009 GermTec GmbH & Co.KG carried out a demonstration of Cave Lighting equipment in the German show cave Dechenhöhle.

Зал Kanzelgrotte пещеры Dechenhöhle

After this demonstration, the managers of the Dechenhohle show cave, Elmar Hammerschmidt and Stefan Niggemann, decided to substitute the typical hall illumination of the Kanzelgrotte Cave in Dechenhöhle with LED luminaires.

This new illumination system is to be installed in October 2009. Twenty five `Q` series and two `QP` series lamps are to be set up in conjunction with a scene lighting control system consisting of two basic control units and an operating panel.

The lighting system planned for the hall will enhance the details of the cave emphasizing its characteristic formations and also illustrate its physiographic structure.

The cave will be open to the public beginning November 1st 2009.