After a reconstruction, Balcarca cave (Czech) has opened its gate again on 4th of July 2009

Not too far away from Ostrov Macochy village, at the edge of Moravian Karst, in a wider opened section Caos Suchy Zleb, two-storeyed Showcave Balcarka with 605m long path can be found.

The entrance hall was inhabited by people even during the late Ice Age. Bones of Pleistocene animals, fire places and human tools were found there as well. During the years 1923-1948 another parts of cave were discovered and because of their ornamental paintings and their beautiful colouration, they belong to the most beautiful deepmined parts of Moravian Karst.  The “Gallery”, “Natural Corridor” and “Rotunda” belong to them.

In 2009, Cave Lighting was asked by the central cave administration of Czech Republic to take part in reconstruction.  The cave’s big hall was completely equipped with a new light system by Cave Lighting™ and this was adjusted to already existing radio control. New lighting consists of 84 lamps of “Q” a´ 3 Watt type and 2 lamps of “QP” a´ 12 Watt type, all connected to 6 controllers.

A big challenge was an installation of sound system, where different tunes of music turned different light scenes on. Usually, DMX512 Protocol is used for this, but this is connected with an extensive costs and a huge consumption. Cave Lighting™ has therefore developed their own software, where a specific music is played according to a given length of tact of light scenes. This sound- luminary composition is always different, because of accidentally chosen generators. In contrast with DMX512 control, where the light is appropriately controlled by music, run with this cost- effective variants music and light together.

Showcave Balcarca is from 4th July 2009 opened for a public.

We wish every visitor an exciting visit and we look forward to your feedback, how you liked it.