Constructed the original exposition, devoted to caves and a karst of region Breitscheid

On an attic of a museum forces of local lore club "Zeitspruenge" in current of last several months had been organized and constructed the original exposition, devoted to caves and a karst of region Breitscheid. In completely blacked out premise, in several show-windows visitors can observe and study through specially designed windows karst structures and wandering forms. At the special stand visitors can online receive answers for many questions, which are interesting for them.

All this naturally would be impossible in full darkness, without corresponding illumination.

Our project, "Cave Lighting", in cooperation with a society "Zeitspruenge" has developed, made and established small lighting system on light-emitting diodes for this exposition. Vladimir Vashkevich was engaged in development of a design and manufacture, and installation on a place was carried out by Ivan Ljashko

At solemn opening there were representatives various public and political organizations, and as local authorities, including mayor of community Rolland Lay. Event has been comprehensively shined in local press (the reference to article).

At solemn opening of an exposition Alexander Chrapko has come out with the report on light-emitting diode illumination of excursion caves.

It’s up to our visitors to estimate how this project has gone right, but now it’s your turn to look and decide!

The address:
Museum und Dorfgemeinschaftshaus
Mühlweg 4
35767 Erdbach