Scandinavian Speleological Congress - Baltic Speleological Congress

As organizers of the congress the International association of excursion caves ISCA and the Union of Swedish cave explorers SSF have acted the European union of cave explorers FSUE, international speleological unite UIS.

It was initially supposed, that the congress becomes global multinational event in which at least 300-500 delegates will take part. This idea has appeared unrealizable and the congress has been lead modestly. Only about 80 delegates has taken part in the congress, at the same time practically all continents from Australia up to America have been geographically presented.

The project “Cave Lighting”, having weighed all pro and contra, has accepted as participation in the congress. On a place have left Alexander Chrapko and Luba Gorkhovskaja, at support of Sonya Chrapko which has rendered the invaluable help in adjustment of contacts to participants of the congress and drew attention to us as strongly, as well as our light-emitting diode illumination.

Having reserved about 1300 km and moved on the ferry from Oskarshamn in Visby, at night with 12 for August, 13th we have been warmly met on the ground of Gotland by the scientific biocave explorer from Moscow Andrei Semikolennyh, also the participant of the congress and the adviser of the project in questions lamp florae.

The congress has been solemnly opened on August, 13th by chairman Swedish Speleological association Thomaz Gustafsson. With a greeting has acted as chairman ISCA David Summers. The first day of the congress has been devoted to organizational questions and reports on geology, geomorphology of Scandinavian Peninsula, and also caves and a karst. We have taken advantage of a pause in reports and have shown our new lanterns of series Q and QP.

On August, 14th, the second day of the congress was day of excursions and visitings of a unique excursion cave of Sweden, which is on island Gotland, Lummelunda Grottan. All participants of the congress have amicably left to a cave which is in a picturesque place on coast of Baltic Sea, rich with various displays of karst. Besides an excursion part, we have visited also in watered part of a cave, to get in which it is possible either by swimming or by plastic boats. Having taken advantage of boats, we have managed in them to turn over and to move by swimming and with wet trousers.

After carrying out of excursions we have agreed with a management of a cave about demonstration of our light-emitting diode illumination.

Unfortunately this day interest to illumination was rather moderated as the developed participants of the congress with impatience waited for the beginning of a party on seacoast. On kind Swedish speleological traditions after plentiful meal (2 lambs) and drink we have started sports procedures. Evening has come to the end with demonstration of our equipment. And this time light-emitting diode light has caused alive interest, including in representatives of Management of excursion caves Moravian Beauty (the Czech Republic) Jiri Hebelka and Lubomír Přibyl.

August, 15th -the last day of the Congress. Numerous reports of participants from the different countries of the congress have been appointed to this day. Including the report of the project "Cave Lighting" and the subsequent demonstration of the equipment, which took place at 15:10. Unfortunately, the time of the report has been limited by 20 minutes; therefore Alexander Chrapko managed to press down all material in 40 minutes. Nevertheless the resonance from the report was very positive, moreover - after the report the technical director Lummelunda Grottan Gunnar Odin has addressed to us with the requirement immediately to go to the cave and to show the equipment there. We have made it with great pleasure.

On the following day early in the morning we have left hospitable island in Baltic Sea. The results of participation of the project in the congress have appeared rather positive and give us the basis with confidence to look ahead!