Cave Lighting project at the 47th all-German Speleological Congress

A report on the "Cave Lighting" project was read. In conclusion we demonstrated the lighting system’s potentialities in one of the oldest show caves of Germany – "Dechenhohle" show cave.

From 17th to 21st May 2007 a traditional annual congress of German speleologists was held in the city Iserlon (Germany).

Two years ago our project set in at a similar arrangement in the city Hasel in Schwarzwald. That’s why it was very important for us to present achievements of the last two years to wide professional circles. The project team departed in a traditional composition: V.Vashkevich, S.Krasko, W.Franz, A.Chrapko, L.Gorokhovskaya and Sonya Chrapko. Since the project participants are at the same time speleoclub members, we represented SAH e.V. from Breitscheid as well.

The congress was held in the elementary school building. In one of the class-rooms a place was allotted for our stand where we demonstrated our new development works: 8-channel controllers of new generation, EOP series lanterns with 1 W power and 80 Lm luminous intensity LEDs produced by Cree company, as well as lamps of the newest generation "Q" 2 W and "QP" 9 W; a sound accompaniment controller with a moisture-protected loudspeaker integrated into a plastic transportation barrel.

On 18th May at 20:00 a report on the subject "The show cave’s lighting system based on High Power LED" was read. The report was delivered by A.Chrapko.

For 40 minutes he was speaking about “Cave Lighting” project objectives and aims, about our approaches in the project progress and new development work. The audience took the report favourably and during 15 minutes after the report, questions were being put of both technical and organisational nature.

In the evening, in the process of informal communication (grill, beer, interesting meetings etc.) our lanterns attracted much attention.

On 19th May we were given an opportunity to demonstrate the lighting system’s potentialities in “Dechenhöhle”. During one hour about 70 lanterns of total power 80 W and 10 controllers were installed.

The cave administration members Elmar Hammerschmidt and Stefan Niggeman were present at the presentation. They were not merely satisfied with the display results – they were literally astounded with transformation of the long familiar cave into an absolutely unfamiliar and therefore more amazing part of the underground world.

At this point our participation in the congress was completed. We do hope that at the next congress in 2008 at our place, in Breitscheid we’ll be able to tell you about new successes and new objects!