Test of the light equipment on the basis of Travel Kit v2. v3

About 40 lanterns and 7 controllers were used in testing. The lanterns used were chiefly 1 W power ones based on LEDs made by Cree company. The used equipment quality was sufficient for practically full additional illumination of the selected part of the cave. Lighting of the cave with a cold white light complemented harmoniously the cave world and accentuated in doing so peculiar charms of that unordinary cave.

SAH speleoclub representatives Annette Huser and Ingo Dorsten were present at the lighting tests. In connection with the intended industrial use of LED lighting in the "Herbstlabyrinth" cave and on the bases of the testing performed Ingo and Annette have become convinced of correctness of the decision made on using LED equipment for “Herbstlabyrinth” lighting.