Landscape (cave) lighting is a multilevel system composed of various luminaires that tackles simultaneously functional, aesthetical and emotional tasks.
Sightseeing cave lighting is of greatest importance for an impression that a cave makes on people visiting it. An inauspiciously designed light will make a cave look like a cold bleak basement or a lighted railway tunnel. And vice versa a skillfully designed and mounted light will turn an ordinary cave into something enigmatic and romantic.

Cave-Lighting project affords an opportunity to make a cave attractive for tourists by emphasizing its mysterious and unexpected aspects and at the same time preserving the natural landscape originality.

With the help of modern technologies we are capable of solving any problems concerning sightseeing object lighting. That notion includes not only straight galleries, but also complex meanders, wells, siphons, voluminous travertine formations etc.

With the help of mobile Travel-Kit we'll display a devised exclusive equipment directly at the site of a supposed sightseeing object. We'll defray all presentation expenses.
For more complete and detailed information as well as for a work catalogue and presentation, please turn to our office.