Show Caves Events in May - Juni 2015

1. Invitation to visit the Cayman Crystal Caves.

It is our great pleasure to present a totally new form of lighting in the “Cayman Crystal Caves” and their surroundings. On May 5th, we began to install a new LED lighting system in two show caves on Grand Cayman Island. Within the next few weeks you can personally witness the installation of this wonderful new tourist attraction as it reaches completion.

Please accept this invitation to visit our “Cave Lighting”™ project in the unique “Cayman Crystal Caves”. It represents the first exhibit of a new kind of show cave lighting in the Caribbean.

Invitation to visit Cayman Crystal Caves

2. Inauguration of new LED lighting system in Grotta di Villanova - Lusevera (IT).

At 30 - 31 May 2015 the new lighting in the Grotta di Villanova weill be inaugurated. All visitors will have excellent opportunity to visit that buitiful cave and enjoy the new FRP path way and Cave Lighting™ LED lighting system.

With pleasure we would like to invite you to visit this great event.

Inauguration Grotta di Villanova