Working in the Caribbean: Cave-Manager and Guides wanted

Grand Cayman

Working in the Caribbean: Cave-Manager and Guides wanted

Far away from Europe, on Grand Cayman, which is the main island of the Cayman Islands, a new show cave is being developed. The Cayman Crystal Caves are a group of three caves which are accessed by a path in the tropical forest.

In December 2014 the Cave Lighting™ team visited the entire complex on site and performed extensive illumination tests. After that, the technical documentation was compiled, the individual components were produced and the system was transported to the Caribbean. The team managed to install the entire lighting system within three weeks in May 2015. Good news for all Caribbean tourists: the Crystal Caves are to be opened to the public in October 2015. And here is another piece of good news: there is a current need for qualified personnel for the show cave. We are seeking (for an unlimited period):

Sounds good? We are looking forward to receiving your application!  For further information, please contact:


Alexander Chrapko



Christian Sorensen




The Cayman Islands are a British overseas territory halfway between Mexico and Cuba. For one thing, the islands owe their name to a massive underwater ridge known as the Cayman Ridge or Cayman Rise, and for another, to the species of lizard which is commonly found there, the caymans. The Cayman Islands are known as a tax haven, however, tourism is becoming more and more important (one million visitors a year). Especially divers and cruise ship passengers are attracted by the sensational beaches and the breathtaking underwater world. The Crystal Caves are already being considered as one of the most important tourist attractions on the continent.