Two Further Show Caves in the Swabian Alb Equipped with New CaveLighting LED System

Two further show caves of the Swabian Alb have been equipped with Cave Lighting LED technology:

The “WimsenerHöhle” [Wimsen Cave] near Hayingen is the only show cave in Germany accessible by boat – you are taken about 80 meters deep into the interior of the water cave. The cave is now basking in a new and particularly impressive LED-lit ambience: specialist lighting was installed at more than 40 places, mostly underwater, which opens up completely new insights into this unique show cave. Daniel Tress, the operator of the Wimser Cave and the restaurateur of the local organic restaurant explains enthusiastically:” We have reached a milestone in the history of this show cave. In particular the underwater lighting designis impressive, which I have not thought to be possible. I would especially like to thank Oliver Heil from the Cave Lighting team and the cave divers of theHöhlenforschergruppeOstalb-Kirchheim e. V. [Speleologists Group Ostalb-Kirchheim, registered association], Mathias Lyk and Katharina Birger, who joined the project through the agency of Rainer Straub. They made such great underwater lighting possible in the first place. I was also impressed by the fact that theinstallation work was completed within a week, as promised, although the installation environment was reallydifficult. We were thus able to start the new season on time, on 1 April. The entirely positive feedback by the first visitors speaks for itself!”

Wimsen Cave Underwater Lighting


A new era has also dawned for the Schertelshöhle [Schertel´s Cave] in the Alb-Donube district on the alb [Laichinger Alb] near Westerheim: Visitors are welcome to marvel at the beauty of this cave which is basking in a new light. After a five year planning phase we have gone the whole hogand realized the project.Supervised by the Cave Lighting team with Leonid Batiuzhenko and thanks to the energetic assistance of members of the local speleologistsassociation, the show cave could be thoroughly renovated and equipped with modern LEDtechnology. Bernhard Walter from the HöhlenvereinWesterheim e. V. [Cave AssociationWesterheim, reg. ass.]: explains:”There were some reasons favoring the renewal of the illumination system. The old bulbs caused much heat and produced lamp flora which had to be regularly removed. Furthermore, the bulbs became increasingly expensive to buy. Thus we decided to change to LED lightingand to use the proven Cave Lighting system. All cables were discretely installed and interventions in the sensitive cave system were avoided as far as possible.” Tobias Brammer from the office of the biosphere region praised the new cave illumination: “Everybody who got to see the newly illuminated cave on the opening day was fascinated. Especially those who had seen the cave lightingbefore, with conventional bulbs,were impressed by the newly-won sights and insights. The number of hibernating bats also increased in the first winter after the refurbishment.


Schertel´s Cave


Both projects show that ecological and economic operation of a show cave are not necessarily a contradiction. Due to Cave Lighting LED technology, both show caves are looking to a sustainable and successful future!

More pictures here: Wimsen Cave and Schertel´s Cave

Created by Oliver Heil (Project Manager) and Anna Toplak (Marketing)