The new

Cave Lighting presents a 100% waterproof lighting product for show caves.

The new improved linear LED lamp, specially conceived for the challenging environment of show caves and due to its special waterproof coating, is - like its predecessor CL-LST-xx - designed for path illumination and can be integrated in handrails as well as mounted on walls.

 What's new is the interior coating using a special resin which prevents water penetration. Hence the name 'Impervious'.

The resin:

Due to its greatly improved water resistance compared to its predecessor, which was only splashproof, the new CL-LMT-02 linear lamp is therefore not only suitable for path lighting but also for underwater use (IP68).

 Furthermore it is also suitable for tunnel lighting or, because of its good weather and UV resistance, for outdoor use. e.g. to illuminate the box office or paths in the open. To date, these lamps have been installed in Herbstlabyrinth show cave and are soon to be used for the path lighting leading to the Dechenhöhle.

Also, we have widened the range by adding stylish accessories for various applications. Glare-free installation is now not only, as until recently, possible just in GFK handrails, simple wall mounting can be effected in conjunction with stainless steel shades either shiny or in black. Special varieties can be supplied according to requirement.

 We are certain that the new 'Impervious' series will meet the approval of even the most demanding show cave operators.

We shall be happy to send free samples to the first 10 applicants for test purposes.