ISCA Conference 2012

The International Show Caves Association organises international conferences every 4 years. Its objectives are:

The 2008 conference took place in the French Pyrenees. The topic of this conference was the pre-historical caves of France. More than 100 participants toured 9 world famous show caves.

The 2012 conference takes place from 3rd – 11th November in 2 countries – Greece and Turkey. Participants  will tour the famous Perama Cave and Dim Cave as well as less famous but still interesting tourist caves such as Alistrati Cave, Damlatus Cave and many others.
A Chrapko  

The participants will be presented with an informative programme which may be viewed on the website ISCA.

The Cave Lighting™ development company represented by Alexander Chrapko is also taking part at the conference. We hope that the it will be of interest and help to establish personal connections to other cave development companies

During the conference Alexander will be happy to share his 7 year experience in the design and installation of lighting systems in more than 30 show caves across Europe.

We look forward to seeing you at the conference.

Alexander Chrapko
Cave Lighting Project