Made by Cave Lighting: Eisriesenwelt, Austria, June 2012

Following a comprehensive lighting test in the Alexander von Mörk Chamber carried out by Cave Lighting’s project manager Alexander Chrapko in June 2011, the show cave management agreed to more LED-lighting tests to be carried out:

The tunnel lies about 5 minutes walk from the visitor centre. The 300m long tunnel in the mountain was originally conceived as accommodation for the technical equipment of the show cave complex. Later it was decided to present the tunnel as a further tourist attraction. Important to the composition of the lighting was its focus on artistic aspects rather than on technical. After an on site discussion with light designer Tibbe Warnier a concept was devised using mainly horizontal and vertical oval lamps. The design was amongst other things adapted to harmonise with the visitor centre.

Further information can be found under: www.eisriesenwelt.at

Eisriesenwelt, Werfen, Tennengebirge (Tennen Mountains), Austria.

position: 47°30′10″N, 13°11′23″E
length: 1,000 m (300 m)
show cave since: 1920
renovation: June 2012
equipped with: 100 lamps with ca. 350 watts in total