Made by Cave Lighting: Caves of Han-sur-Lesse / Les Draperies, Belgium, May 2012

The Caves of Han-sur-Lesse, Ardennes, Belgium

position: 50°07'16.81"N / 5°11'32.68"E
length: 130m
show cave since: 1857
renovated: May 2012
equipped with: 90 lamps with approx. 500 watts in total

This three star show cave (Michelin guide) is absolutely unique in Europe and very well-known. Visitors are transported from the reception in the centre of the village by a roughly 100-year old tram. The Caves of Han-sur-Lesse offer several guided tours in a number of languages, various light and music shows, a subterranean river and a one and a half hour tour covering around 3 km and 400 steps.

We are proud to have created a new highlight by illuminating a new area, the 'Draperies'. This part of the cave is found on the left towards the end of the guided tour, where the wide stairway of a cul-de-sac leads down to the river.

In the past the 'Draperies' could not be adequately illuminated due to the river. Conventional lamps could not be used with any success because of the depth and pressure of the water. After gathering a great deal of information and much consideration as to a durable and high quality form of illumination, the cave’s management finally decided on Cave Lighting™.

During the installation this large chamber twice became completely submerged - no problem for our lamps! Furthermore, a radio controlled light show for special guided tours was integrated.

We thank the show cave’s manageress, Brigitte Malou, for her confidence and excellent cooperation!

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