Made by Cave Lighting: Heinrich

position: 51°22'42.78"N / 7°46'54.05"E
length: 300 m
show cave since: 1812
renovated: February 2012
equipped with: 111 lamps with approx. 330 watts in total

Today the cave serves as an information centre, an initiative of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Höhle und Karst Sauerland / Hemer (speleological society). The particular characteristics of the cave lie within its river cave profile and its 20 m high clefts and rifts. It is part of the over 3 km long Perick cave system, of which over 300 m are open to the public. The cave is famous for the abundance of bones of ice age animals found within it. The complete 2.35 m long skeleton of a cave bear forms one of the exceptional features.

Although the society’s budget was limited, over half of the tourist route could be fitted out with LED technology, the old illumination partially integrated with the new, taking care to ensure a harmonious transition between the two lighting forms.

The Cave Lighting™ system was installed by our specialists with a good deal of assistance from local electricians and society members. In addition a simple sub distributor was installed. The whole installation proved to be relatively easy and above all, dry.

Our system consists of: 76x 3 watts, 1x 13 watts, 34x 1 watt lamps.

More information can be found under: www.hiz-hemer.de

Update 2013 - 11 - 20. Feedback.

Partial replacement of the existing halogen lighting in Heinrichs Cave (Heinrichshöhle) in Hemer-Sundwig, Germany, with modern LED lighting by GermTec GmbH & Co. KG.

After deciding that the cave should be re-equipped with new LED lighting, in June 2011 we went to take a look at Herbstlabyrinth show cave near Breitscheid in Hesse, Germany, which had already been fitted out by GermTec. Apart from the good lighting, the installation we found there appeared so professional and well dimensioned that we could easily imagine a similar GermTec system in our cave.

On a first visit to the cave the following September, the GermTec team viewed the site with its features and noted our requirements.

The new lighting system was to be integrated in the old circuit technology, no mean feat as the already existing system runs on 42 volts. Moreover, the complete system was to be turned on at one switch at the entrance as before.

This was necessary because during this first step only the lighting in the back half of the cave was to be renewed.

The new installation was to be planned to enable the renewal of the lighting in the front half of the cave at a later date when adequate funding becomes available. GermTec then estimated the number of lamps required and assessed the route and length of the wiring layout.

After receiving a quote and, following due consideration, awarding the contract, two GermTec employees installed the new lamps and wiring over a period of 14 days.

The new circuit technology was accommodated in separate small control boxes very well protected against moisture and located behind the existing control boxes. A connection from old to new is only needed to turn on the new lighting circuits via the old switches.

The arrangement of the lighting, that is, the intensity and the location of the LED spotlights was on the whole left up to GermTec as our specialists had their jobs to attend to and were mostly unable to be present.

Further preferences arising during the evening meetings were agreed upon where technically possible and without exceeding the expenditure limit. The choice of wiring paths as well as the actual wiring was also carried out by GermTec.

In two locations the wiring is not quite so optimally placed, for example, one cable runs across a small wall surface containing a conglomerate of iron ore deposits which can also be viewed by the visitor in passing. This can, however, be altered and is of no great consequence. In most cases the cables could be and indeed were well hidden so that they are only minimally visible in the shadow.

The lighting arrangement is altogether very good. The technicians have produced very good light and shadow effects, especially in the so-called Domgang (CathedralPassage), a fissure with a height of up to 19 metres.

The support by GermTec is also very good, the response time very short.

After a number of months we had a problem with the lighting system due to a fault in the old installation that affected the new components. This was rectified by GermTec by replacing a relay in the old system – under warranty.

Our conclusion: We shall at a later date commission GermTec to re-equip the remaining part of the cave.

Many thanks and good luck!

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Höhle und Karst Sauerland / Hemer e.V.