Show cave Hollgrotten (Switzerland) is open to public

Firstly, Höllgrotten show cave is attractive from a geological point of view, it underlies in tuffs. Its history is quite fascinating as well; it was discovered in the 19th century and then was turned into a show cave by the Schmidt family. But what is even more interesting is that it is the first show cave completely equipped with Cave Lighting™illuminating System.

The Cave Lighting project team completely changed the lighting scenery of the cave. They were supervised by industrial designer and exhibition manager Roland Eberle and a famous Swiss designer Daniel Christen.

The show cave was equipped with accent lighting fixtures and controlled local dynamic lighting scene equipment, as well as music and light show equipment controlled by DMX. The whole lighting system is controlled by a touch screen from the central office via fiber optic network.

We are proud to announce the project team did more than just reconstructed the cave, we created an underground attraction sight of international standard in Baar.

The show cave is open to public from April 1.

Enjoy visiting this wonderful show cave.

Upd: October 14, 2012
The 'Höllgrotten' are a series of interconnected limestone caves in the Lorenztobel Ravine near Baar in the Canton of Zug, Switzerland.

position: 47°11′9.19″ N, 8°33′26.43″ E
length: 300 m
show cave since: ca.1902
renovated: January - February 2012
equipped with: 250 lamps with approx. 800 watts in total

The show cave was opened to the public with its new concept and illumination in April 2012. Due to the project’s tight timeframe no marketing activities could be undertaken before the reopening. Nonetheless, the cave recorded an increase in the number of visitors of around 30%, the turnover rose by approx. 40%.

A workshop in the Höllgrotten is planned for March 2013 to which you will receive a separate invitation.