Bad Segeberg Show Cave (Germany)


A new LED controlled Cave LightingTM System was installed in the Bad Segeberg show cave in Germany three years ago. It replaced an old system which was outdated technically and functionally.

Specialists of Germtec GmbH & Co.KG developed and manufactured Cave LightingTM equipment which included:

A remote control unit allows switching on and off of separate groups of lighting fixtures.
The system has an output of 280 watts when all lamps are activated.

2011. Experience with the System operation:

Period of Time: beginning of April – end of September over past 3 years Steady operation
The lighting has been switched on during guided tours from the beginning of April until the end of September for three years. Several series of lamps were switched on individually when there was a tour in a certain section of the cave. In winter the show cave is closed for visitors. Lighting fixtures are not activated due to bat hibernation season.
Power Consumption: 175W on average Substantial energy saving in comparison to the old lighting system
The system has an output of 175 watts during normal operation which is required for guided tours.
Moisture Protection Waterproof
Cave Management pointed out that over three years of running lighting fixtures have been absolutely protected from moisture and system never failed to operate.
Lamp Flora The lamp flora within lit areas has not grown and is for the most part beginning to improve
Areas where the cave walls were illuminated with "Q" и "QP" lighting fixtures had been previously free from flora. It has not grown within lit areas over the past 3 years.


The lamp flora within areas previously affected by it has not grown and is for the most part beginning to change The color is beginning to change and in some areas lamp flora dies off.

After 3 years of experience, the Bad Segeberg Show Cave Management recommends our LED Lighting Systems for show caves. They also pointed out that:

See the original reference letter from Dr. Anne Ipsen,
Referentin für Schauhöhlen
Fledermaus-Zentrum GmbH Verband der Höhlen- und Karstforscher e.V.
und Schauhöhlenbetrieb Bad Segeberg.