One of the oldest show caves of Germany with new Cave Lighting LED system

If you walk from Sontheim town down a valley, you will reach after 2 km the Sontheimer Cave. It lies on 720 m over sea-level has a length of 530 m; there are 192 m of guided ways.

The first report on the Sontheimer Cave comes from 1488. The cave party takes place since 1825. The cave runs in parallel with the depth valley. The visitors descend by a big foyer (B 7 m, H 12m). In the part to the south there was once found in 1926 even very old bat leftovers. Still today countless bats spend the winter and live in the cave. However, the main part applies to the north and the frequent profile changes are very striking. Up to 70 m from the cave entrance (there is a narrow place) the cave-weather of the foyer affects. On steps the way follows to smaller halls to the deepest point (-37m), the 20-metre-high final hall. In 1977 they found 130 m of the entrance an “Alemann funeral field” with twelve skeletons.

The Sontheimer Cave is lighted up electrically since 1957. By former lighting with bad black torches some places have become sooty very strongly what leads, however, thanks to the new LED technology to pictures which the imagination inspires only surely. Today white sinter layers grow again and through the installed Cave Lighting LED system the cave shines newly and shows up to now undiscovered insights into the beauties of the nature.

It was installed by 2 of our Cave Lighting specialists a total of 77 LST-1W, 77 LSQ 3 W, 5 LQP-12W, 2 transformers (TR), 4 rectifiers (PR) and 2 transformers / rectifier unities (PS) in only 3-week installation time and the energy costs of the lighting were reduced therefore comparatively 1:20 what guarantees an ecologically friendly and lasting lighting for the coming years.

The complete way is equipped with FRP (Fiberglass-reinforced plastic).

We thank the municipality of Heroldstatt for the very quick and free of problems cooperation!

Official opening is in April 2011 where visitors themselves can make their picture of the "new" Sontheimer Cave.

Oliver Heil