Speleological and Cave Lighting Project news from Austria and Germany

Early Saturday morning, on January 29 2011, a group of 15 people representing different show caves and speleological clubs from Austria arrived in Herborn Germany:

After a short acquaintance there commenced a fairly busy activity program which included:
An excursion to Karst Plateau in the Breitscheid area to visit the limestone sinks and water springs and



Herbstlabyrinth: including both show route and other parts of the cave.
Kubacher Kristallhöhle. Visiting the show cave.

It must be pointed out that despite a long train ride in a sleeping car from Austria to Germany, after only a short rest, the Austrian guests took much interest in all activities and had lively discussion on all subjects with our speakers.

Naturally, the main goal was to visit the Herbstlabyrinth Show Cave. The excursion lasted for more than two hours due to a large number of questions and lively discussion on the Cave Lighting illumination system. We were happy that all of our Austrian visitors were impressed with the show cave and the work done by the speleologists of the SAH e.V. club and the specialists of the GermTec GmbH&Co.KG Company, who carried out the show cave project.

The participants of the visit ended up in a “Gallery” café in Breitscheid where all shared a good and genial time.

In the near future we plan to organize more of the same educating shows and any interested individuals are welcome to contact us with regards to participating.
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