New Show Cave in Romania

The year 2010 was very eventful for Cave Lighting, and at the end of the year one more underground show object was equipped. This time it was in Romania.

Beginning of cooperation

Our first meeting with a leader of Romanian caving Viorel Lascu took place at the Baltic speleological congress on the Gotland Island in Sweden in 2007. At that time we couldn’t imagine that the meeting would become the beginning of our fruitful cooperation. Next time we met a year later, it happened at the European speleological congress in France. The Romanian delegation took a lot of interest in our projects and unusual solutions in show cave lighting.
Then we met twice in 2009. Viorel visited Herbstlabyrinth in Germany which was equipped by our company and open to public in May. Then Viorel and us visited Bears' Cave и Meziad Cave in Romania. This is when we discussed and planned our cooperation on developing show caves under the guidance of 'Cave LightingTM' project in Romania. In 2010 we found a suitable cave to put our plans into action. There were certain reasons why Fundata cave was chosen. It is a popular resort which is situated almost on the outskirts of Brasov (Kronstadt, Brassó) in the south east of the Transylvanian mountains. In winter it is a ski resort, and in summer picturesque mountains attract a lot of tourists as well. The cave is situated 20 kilometers away from the famous Bran Castle. It is also known as Dracula’s Castle.

Fundata Cave

After we set all the formalities and got the permissions from the local authorities to equip a new show cave, in September 2010 a group of speleologists headed by Viorel Lascu and Victor Puiu began working in the cave. Dragos Petrescu, the geologist and the head of the project entitled the architect bureau to design the construction of the show route paths. There was no doubt what material to choose for the paths. Glass reinforced plastic was chosen. Then the system of controlled lighting was designed with the help of the specialists of the 'Cave Lighting™. The system allows to change the brightness of the luminaries and to control their performance. The lighting system allows creating different dynamic light scenarios of a show.
In October 2010 the speleologists began installing equipment in the cave. By mid November most of the work was done. The paths and stairs were assembled, the illuminating equipment was installed and the electrical equipment was connected. The only thing left was to set up the system. The representatives of the 'Cave Lighting™' Vladimir Vashkevich and Alexander Chrapko came to Romania to control if everything had been assembled properly. They were pleasantly surprised with the results. On returning home Alexander Chrapko says: “To say that we were glad to see how professionally the work was done is not enough. We were impressed. Our Romanian partners planned every little detail, they distributed the tasks among the workers and did all the work without a rush but to an accomplished standard and in accordance with the stages stated in the relevant documents. All we had to do was to connect to the system and check the lines of connection with the controllers, as well as inventory of all the luminaries in the system”.
The programming process took less than 2 hours.

At the present moment the last preparations are done before the cave will be open to public. The grand opening will take place in January 2011.
Our Romanian friends and we hope that this cave will become one of the major sightseeing places in Transylvania.


Lighting System in Fundata Cave consists of

Total power consumption of the system is 325 W.
The show part length is 150 meters.