The Results of the ISCA Congress-2010. Cave Lighting Project Presentation

The congress took place in the Druzhba Hotel which is situated in the picturesque Demanovska Valley, 1200 meters above sea level.

The congress participants arrived from different countries and continents. Almost all parts of the world and show caves were represented, including the USA, Australia, South Korea, Brazil, Bermuda, South Africa, Russia, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Austria, Italy, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia and many others.

The congress itinerary consisted of different information units and included various topics. The following subjects were discussed during the congress: dynamics of visitor attendance and the ways to increase attendance, performing shows and training guides, environment and fauna protection in caves, monitoring and lighting systems, bio speleology, lamp flora and ways in which to eliminate it.

The units with the reports were presented together with the show units and the congress participants had a wonderful chance to see the Slovakian sights with its national flavor and naturally, the show caves.

Cave Lighting Project representatives took an active part in the congress. The Cave Lighting equipment rig was presented to the public during the congress. It displayed and presented lighting and music equipment. Alexander Chrapko, the Project Manager gave a report and presentation about Modern LED Lighting Systems and their Integration in the current lighting systems of a Show Cave.

=Cave Lighting Project Presentation for ISCA-2010=

More presentations from Cave Lighting

We came to the conclusion, which was based on the communication with the congress representatives, that there is a tendency to change the views and approaches towards lighting systems of the show caves. The managers and owners of the show caves are paying more and more attention to new illumination equipment, mostly LED. This kind of equipment allows the illumination of objects in an environmentally safe and money wise way, as well as exploring new possibilities of dynamic cave lighting.

In conclusion we would like to thank the staff of the Slovakian Show Cave Management who put in a lot of efforts and did their utmost organizing the congress. We believe that in many ways, thanks to the excellent organization, the congress was a success!

Alexander Chrapko