The Wendelstein Show Cave in Germany. The LED lighting and interactive excursions

At the Wendelstein mountain station in Bavaria , which is 1711 meters above sea level, there is a karst show cave Wendelsteinhöhle. It was opened many years ago in 1864. In 1921 the cave was electrified and opened to the public. It is 523 meters in length, and nowadays the lit show route section is approximately 170 meters long.

One of the special attractions of the cave is that visitors can tour the public part of the cave all by themselves, without a tour guide.

In July 2010 a Cave LightingTM LED system was installed in the Wendelstein Cave.

The new lighting system includes control units, power units and 135 LED Cave LightingTM lamps having a total power consumption of 310W.

The Wendelsteinhöhle staff installed the lighting system themselves. It must be remarked, that the job was done professionally and fully meets the requirements of Cave Lighting project. The requirements include minimal interference into the ecosystem of the cave and maximum comfort for the visitors.

The GermTec GmbH & Co. KG engineers tested, commissioned and programmed the lighting system.

The LED lighting is not the only new thing in the Wendelstein Cave. There are also 4 interactive multimedia terminals in the cave, which help the visitors to find their location, to get interesting and educative information about the cave, to learn interesting facts about the history of Wendelsteinhöhle and to watch videos and photos of the caves.

One of these terminals has the Caveconsole software installed in it, which was designed by the GermTec GmbH & Co engineers especially for the Wendelsteinhöhle. This terminal is located in the Dom Chamber. Caveconsole software controls the lamps and makes it possible to zone and locate different parts of the cave. In other words, while the visitor is looking through the information about a certain part of the cave on the multimedia terminal screen, this exact part of the cave is illuminated.

These innovations make excursions in the Wendelsteinhöhle brighter, more interesting and educative.

You can view the renovated Wendelstein Cave in our picture gallery and in the interactive panorama.