Grottes de Remouchamps is the first Belgium show cave equipped with LED lighting

Not far from the city of Aywaille, in Wallonia (Belgium) in the very heart of Remouchamps, there is located the Grottes de Remouchamps Cave.

What is this cave famous for?

First of all, it is one of the oldest show caves in Europe. It has been opened for tourists since 1912.

Secondly, there is a navigable river in the cave. Well, of course, you won’t see heavy-duty tanker ships or shiny motorboats. But, Tourists can travel for almost 600 meters in average size boats along the show cave route down the Rubicon River. Here they admire the beauty of the cave and the diversity of the underground world.

Thirdly, it is the longest lit show cave in Europe. Electrical lighting appeared in the cave in 1924. Before that visitors used fire torches.

Fourthly, as of May 2010, the Remouchamps Cave became the first Belgium show cave equipped with a contemporary controlled LED lighting system.

Cave Lighting LED equipment is installed in the largest Cathedral Chamber of the cave. The installation work only took a week to complete. The new lighting system consists of 25 CL-LSQ series lamps (3V), 11 CL-LQP series lamps (12V), 15 CL-LST series lamps and 3 CL-CP series controllers. Total power consumption of the new system is 230W, in comparison to the old system, which consumed about 10.000W. Moneywise, it is even more impressive with 40 times less energy used. The Cathedral Chamber now looks much brighter and more attractive. The cold white light of the LED lamps emphasize the natural beauty of the dripstones. As well, the professional arrangement of the lighting equipment amplifies the underground space of the Cathedral Chamber.

You can view the interactive panorama of the Remouchamps cave Cathedral Chamber with the new Cave Lighting illumination system.