Cave Lighting Project Presentation in Russia

23 May 2010.
Sablinsky Caves, Ulyanovka village, Leningrad Region, Russia.

Cave Lighting LED-Equipment Presentation.

There are about 12 Sablinsky Caves. These caves were once mines, where sand was excavated to produce glass. These caves are a part of the Sablinsky Natural Monument. Aside from the caves in the Complex ,there are also two waterfalls, the Sablinka and Tosna rivers, cliffs, burial hills, A.K.Tolstoy’s former mansion and Commander Alexander Nevsky’s camp where his soldiers gathered before the Battle With The Swedes.
In the largest cave, Levoberezhnaya, there already existed a show route. However, since 2000 it had only been open to guided private groups of tourists.
The main attractions of the Cave are:
three underground lakes, each 3 meters deep;
the `Cave People` exposition, `A Miner`s Corner`, `Mineral Collection;
St Nicolas, The Wonderworker’s chapel.

During the presentation, Serge Krasko, the project manager explained how the Cave Lighting equipment was manufactured specifically to be used in caves. He demonstrated overall equipment performance including underwater use.
The Image Report of the Cave Lighting equipment presentation, Levoberezhnaya Cave:

24 May 2010.
St. Petersburg, Russia

The Cave Lighting Project was presented to a meeting of the Speleological and Karst Commission of Russian Geographic Society. Serge Krasko made a presentation explaining the history of the Project `Technical Aspects of Creating Underground Museum Complexes (European Experience)`. He described the cave projects located in Herbstlabyrinth (Germany) and La Grotte de Clamouse (France), which have been equipped by the Cave Lighting Project. He did so with the assistance of interactive panoramas.