Installation of Cave Lighting equipment in Slovenia

While it is snowing heavily in America and while Germany is winning the Olympic medals in Vancouver, Canada, Cave Lighting team goes on developing show caves in Slovenia.

Postojna Cave, 17-18 February, 2010

The task was to change the halogen lamps into LED lamps in one of the show track sections. It is necessary to note, that the first electric lighting of the cave was in 1884. Since then it was certainly renovated several times, and it was high time to change the lighting into LED Cave Lighting. The project team was well coordinated and worked fast. 9 CL-LQP Power Lamps and 5 CL-LSQ lamps were installed within 2 days.

The results:

Energy consumption became 40 times lower. Total energy consumption of the old halogen system was about 5000 W. The new LED equipment only consumes 132 W.
The section of the cave illuminated by our lamps looks very bright and beautiful.

Skocjan Caves, 19 February, 2010

The task was to make a presentation of the Cave Lighting equipment and to demonstrate the advantages of the correctly installed high quality LED lighting. The quality of the illumination system in Skocjan Caves is unsatisfactory. The managers realize this and try to improve the situation. About 5 years ago all the cable systems and electrical lockers were completely changed, but nobody worked with the illumination equipment and its placement. Some non-functioning lamps were partially replaced with metal halide power lamps of greenish blue color. Now they are considering the possibility of changing outdated lamps with new modern illumination equipment. By agreement with cave management, our LED illumination was tested in the caves.
The results of the tests persuaded the managers of the non-disputable advantages of our lighting system. The caves look beautiful and attractive, when illuminated by the white light of the LED Cave Lighting power lamps.
The project team demonstrated how to show the size of the cave, emphasizing its detail with the help of several correctly placed CL-LQP power lamps.

The team of the "Cave Lighting" project

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