LED Cave Lighting Illumination in La Grotte de Clamouse Cave (France)

This time La Grotte de Clamouse Show Cave was the object of illumination.
The first demonstrational installation of our equipment in the Clamouse Cave occurred in October 2009. The managers of the Cave were interested in an LED lighting system with high water resistance.
Why is high water resistance important?
The La Grotte de Clamouse Cave is susceptible to flooding. In other words, some parts of the Cave are at times completely flooded. Everything is under water, including lighting equipment. Naturally, water can harm lighting equipment. However, visitors are completely safe because during the floods the show route is slightly changed avoiding the flooded sections of the cave.
Why is LED lighting important?
LED lighting power consumption is ten times less than that of ordinary lighting. Power saving is of high priority all over the world.

The October tests demonstrated all the advantages of LED Cave Lighting systems to the managers of the Cave:

The managers didn’t hesitate to reequip the Cave with our LED lighting equipment.

As usual we were pressed for time. The lighting had to be upgraded while the Cave was closed for visitors, from mid September until the beginning of February. That’s why we decided to change the lamps completely, but to leave the existing cables. Lighting engineers began planning and developing the lighting system in November. The LED equipment was manufactured and tested in December.

At the beginning of January Cave Lighting Project specialists began the installation. The tasks were to specify the spots for installation and to teach the Cave staff to install and maintain the Cave Lighting equipment correctly. Another important task was to install the lamps in hard to reach places, where special equipment and staff with speleological experience required. The Cave Lighting equipment worked through 2 floods and no lamps failed. All in all, 35 CL-LQР power lamps (IP 68, 12 W), 240 CL-LSQ lamps (IP 68, 3 W), 100 CL-LST linear lamps (IP67, 1 W) were installed.

As a result, total power consumption of the Cave is 20 times less and according to the general public opinion the Cave became brighter, bigger and more attractive.

The Cave was reopened to the public on 6 February, 2010.

You can view the Interactive panorama of the Clamouse Show Cave.