Installation of Cave Lighting™ LED Illumination System in Dechenhohle Cave

In July 2009 GermTec GmbH & Co. KG Company made a presentation of Cave Lighting™ LED Illumination Equipment within the Dechenhöhle Cave. The Dechenhöhle show cave managers Elmar Hammerschmidt and Dr. Stefan Niggemann chose the GermTec Cave Lighting™ system after comparing it to the existing halogen lighting system, which was installed in the cave, to our new LED one.Without any doubt they decided to revamp the "Kanzelgrotte" where the presentation took place. The demonstration of LED equipment obviously showed its advantages. Even the test set of LED equipment lit up the hall much better than the existing halogen lamps. It created an impression of volume and the cold white light produced a better image of the stalactites.

Project plans were ready by the end of October. Lamps and power supply units were manufactured and the project team went to the cave in Iserlohn to install the equipment.
The LED Cave Lighting™ controlled system installed in "Kanzelgrotte" consists of 25 Q series lamps, 2 QP series power lams, 2 controllers and a remote control.

The arrangement of the lamps allows the emitted light to show the volume of the hall and emphasizes the most attractive details for visitors, such as stalactites and characteristic formations. During the show, the tour guide can control the illumination system with the help of a wireless remote control. He or She can turn on and off separate groups of lamps and change the dynamic light scenarios of the show. This allows the show to be more flexible, more interesting and educating.

In all, the work took about 3 months to complete. Manufacturing of the equipment was the longest stage and lasted 2 months. Installation of the illumination system only took 2 days. Programming of the dynamic light scenarios and setting the control system took one day.
After the first run of the system, Dr. Stefan Niggemann said, “It looks much better than I imagined!”
And it was true, the correct arrangement of the lamps enhanced the beauty of the grot and emphasizing the characteristic formations of the cave, which hadn’t been obvious before.

As a result, the modern LED controlled illumination system that was installed in the "Kanzelgrotte" of the Dechenhöhle Cave allows more interesting and educating shows. Due to the characteristics of LED lighting, it doesn’t harm the cave ecology. Besides this, it saves 10 X's the energy. Electrical safety is characteristic to this system as well, because the voltage is only 24V.
"Kanzelgrotte" was opened to public from the 1st of November.
The management of the Dechenhöhle Cave, plans on changing all the sightseeing route lighting to LED in the near future.