Balcarka Show Cave LED lamp lightning project (the Czech Republic)

At the end of March 2009 the Czech Republic show caves management hired us in the reconstruction of the sightseeing attraction `Jaskyne Balcarka` cave. We had to work out an alternative LED highlighting system for one of the halls of the show cave which had originally been equipped with a halogen lamp lightning system. The customer intends to operate these two systems alternatingly to find the advantages and disadvantages of these different lightning variants.

The planned system and its progress described

Quite a large hall of the `Balcarka` cave named `Big House` is divided into 9 independent light zones which follow the logics of the sightseeing route.

Each zone is highlighted with a separate group of the luminaires. Groups of luminaires are operated by CL-CN1-02 Controllers, and these groups can work in different modes independently of each other. Different cave show light themes are created with the help of special software. A guide starts and manages the themes with the assistance of a remote control. All of this emphasizes the size of the hall, and highlights the key points, resulting in making a more spectacular show of a cave.

84 Q series LED lamps and 2 series QP power LED lamps were used in the project.

Power consumption of the entire system of this LED lamp illumination is 400w. As a comparison, power consumption of the previously installed halogen lamp illumination system was approximately 2500w. This represents six times energy savings of a traditional halogen system. In only one year this will allow the considerable reduction of the cave operational costs.

One should pay attention to the ecological aspect as well. Due to its spectral structure, LED lamp illumination doesn’t promote `lamp flora` growth (specificly green scum around a lamp) which is characteristic to show caves over a long period time.

All the work (planning, equipment manufacturing, equipment mounting, illumination system programming, trial-and-adjustment) took 2 months. Mounting work took 5 days, programming and trial-adjustment of the system took one day. The `Big House` hall illumination project was completed by May 30th 2009.

As a result, now the true value of Germtec LED lamp equipment can be admired in the Czech Republic too. This Cave Lightning project put one more flag on the map of all the completed projects of illumination.

The reconstructed cave opening will take place on July 3rd 2009.