2 0 0 5 – T h e  B e g i n n i n g ...
Ten years ago two speleologists visited some show caves in Germany.

The unbelievably poor maintenance (especially the lighting) of one
of those caves disappointed and upset the cave professionals
so much that they decided, since show caves are extremely popular
among crowds of tourists not just speleologists, the aim should be
to preserve the caves as much as possible. Visitors must have
a chance to enjoy and experience the mysteries of the underground
world, while experiencing maximum positive emotions and unforgettable
memories without harming the cave’s ecosystem.

T e n  Y e a r s  L a t e r ...
Project “Cave Lighting™” has been constantly developing. We formed
a team of speleologist associates and specialists in different adjacent
fields like design engineers, constructing engineers, planners,
lighting designers, assemblers, and IT specialists. We developed
special equipment purposely designed for caves. (LED lighting systems,
music systems, control systems, etc.). We selected and tested modern
ecofriendly materials and technologies and gained valuable experience
in planning and running of underground attractions.


Cave Lighting™ is associated member of ISCA     www.I-S-C-A.com


Bilsteinhöhle(Warstein) inauguration of the new lighting system

07.02.2016: The nex Cave Lighting project was fulfilled in November 2015. The show cave Bilsteinhoehle was equipped with the Cave Lighting LED system and will be inaugurated.

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AGM meeting at Aillwee Cave Co. Clare Ireland

Annual general meeting of Irish and British Show Caves. 10 Years of Cave Lighting Project by Alexander Chrapko and Vladimir Vashkevich.

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Grotta Nuova di Villanova Inauguration May 2015

Opening of the new show cave part in Grotta Nuova di Villanova. Cave Lighting installed 2014 - 2015 2 first sections of LED lighting system in the cave.

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