Project story

The Beginning

The idea of the project Cave Lighting came up in 2005. Following events give impulse to constitute the project:

We know caves since decades. We are cavers with a lot of experience and have explored caves all over the world: Germany, Austria, Spain, Greece, Caucasus, Westukraine, Krim, Karst around Arkchangelsk. Members of our team have also explored the deepest and longest caves around the world, for example the Salzgrabenhöhle, Krubera (Woronija), Arabikskaja system (Kujbischеwskaja), Optimisticheskaja and a lot of other caves.

Our occupational activity is close connected with modern technologies. Field of activity is developing and production of complex industrial systems. We have a wide knowledge and understanding in special LED technique and programming the control system which is engineered for rough environment.

Bad Segeberg 2008  Baltic Speleo Congress 2007

After visiting a lot of show caves in 2005 we arrive at the conclusion that we can combine our hobby and our professional interests. So we have the possibility to change overage light systems against a new, modern and cave-friedly light system.

Cave Lighting today

The main field of activity of Cave Lightingis the complete equipment of modern show caves. Our business is the project strategy, the production and installation of LED-light systems as well as the mentoring of the complete system. We install LED light systems and FRP footpaths in the new show caves and modernize existing show caves with new technology. We will be happy to help you with modifying your projects by means of advanced and innovative techniques. Our current projects are:

Further field of activity is the artistic and architectural illumination of buildings and objects. You can find the first results in our Gallery.

Gallery: Archilight by Cave Lighting™