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The Cave Lighting™ new product catalog.

At last! We are proud to present our new product and services catalog. Cave Lighting™ has completely revised and refreshed its previous catalog. We are still a one-stop shop and have accordingly represented our services more clearly, so that you can see our full range of products and services at a glance.

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The 2016 ISCA Conference in Oman.

OMAN hosts have organized what will be a wonderful and unforgettable experience for ISCA members and it will be a great opportunity to network with fellow show cave managers. The conference is November 6-13th and ISCA is rapidly approaching the deadline to register, book hotel rooms, flights and acquire visas.

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Job advertisement

Job advertisement for an electrician, lighting specialist (m/f) The German company Cave Lighting CL GmbH & Co KG looks for an electrician (m/f) to add to their team. Cave Lighting deals with design, planning, documentation and installation of underground LED-lighting systems. The projects happen in natural underground objects (as caves) as well as artificial made ones (as mines, tunnel, excavations, religious sites, etc.). The company is global oriented, that’s why the projects can take place in Germany and international.

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