LED Professional

Die Fachzeitschrift LED Professional (www.led-professional.com) hat die Geheimnisse der unterirdischen Welt von Cave Lighting gelüftet. Ab jetzt können sie alles über Cave Lighting im Detail erfahren.

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3D photography of caves

All around the world there are thousands of caves, but only a very little part of them are open to the public. Even in a show cave the most beautiful parts often remain hidden because they are difficult or dangerous to reach. In some cases the most unique caves with rare speleothems are so vulnerable and strictly protected that they never will be open for visitors. With 3D pictures can be shown the hidden faces of caves. What’s more, in a spectacular way!

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Old show cave with new look by Peter Gazik

It is a story of how a dream can come true. The idea started with the EU’s Structural Funds, where for a programming period of time we were able to write and finance project proposals for improvement of nature protected sites.

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